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Planning and Goal Setting for your Online Platform

Development of Brand Awareness and Reputation

Content Management

Content Creation

We create a regular Publishing Schedule

Strategic Posting

Promote Content through Social Advertising

Help initiate Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Marketing

“Social Media Is Readily Used At Least Once A Day By Over 40% Of South African’s, Predominantly Through Mobile Phones.” – Qwerty Digital with Intent

At Blurb Media SA, we understand the importance of having a strong Online presence for a business in order to create brand awareness as well as brand credibility for themselves. Business Facebook pages have become the new “google” Potential clients are more likely to purchase from a company with a strong online following as well as good recommendations online. Online marketing has also proven to “spread the word” faster than any other form of marketing as people are able to instantly share posts to hundreds of people.

We are able to manage various online platforms for your business including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. In addition, we develop and host websites.

Other Services We Provide

Business Card Design

Pamphlet Design

Digital Invitation Design

Website Development

Assistance with Marketing Strategies/Campaigns

Just like search engines, Facebook is being used to validate businesses, as well as for potential clients to find out more information about a company they have taken an interest in. They take into account consistent growth (e.g. page likes), engagement, and honest reviews. They use this information about the business, to conclude whether or not they would like to make contact.

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“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it?” – Erik Qualman

Ozanne Mac Adam – Founder and CEO of Blurb Media South Africa

Hi I’m Ozanne. I am a well connected and successful woman and I manage my business endeavours with the utmost passion. I love marketing, business networking and selling. I am a proud mother to a 3 year old son. I adore my family, and cherish my friends. I am an extremely social person and thrive on being motivational and fun-loving – spreading love and joy to those around me!

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