Social media has become a constant within society. Most people use it more than once a day. Not only is social media easily accessible, it is also highly inclusive. It makes sure, everyone, and everything, has a ‘place’ where they belong. Users believe in the community that social media creates and that is why it has the success that it does. Through the use of social media, businesses are able to grow, adapt, and interact with their customers on a more relatable level, thus the line between business and down time, has become even more of a fine line. This is also why your business should have an online presence, but if these are not enough reasons to convince you, here are five more.

Essentially Your Customers Are Social Media

A large percentage of South Africans, and even the world, use social media. Meaning that even if your business is not on social media, your customers are more than likely online. Social media provides a business with platforms to interact with and keep their customers up to date.

You Have the Potential to Discover Customers You Didn’t Know Existed

Through the use of social media your business is able to target customers, or even discover customers, that you have possibly failed to establish as a potential target group. Thus enabling you to grow your business, as well as create your brand.

Shareable Content Means More Brand Awareness

Social media platforms are based on the concept of sharing. Therefore, if your content is good and shareable, people will pass it on with ease. Through the act of content sharing, your customers, are helping create awareness of your brand. For free.

Strong Social Media Builds Brand Loyalty

By being active, creating shareable content, and interacting with your customers, it becomes easy to create, build and sustain brand loyalty. People are also more likely to remain loyal, if they are made to feel appreciated, and by socializing with your customers via platforms they know and understand, they feel valued.

Web ‘Real Estate’

Through the implementation of effective social media management, your business, will be able to gain more space on the web, thus gaining on your competition. The best way to build real estate and stay relevant amongst your online customers is to post regularly, provide new and unique content, reply to comments, and link all your social media and online platforms to one another.

By creating a strong social media presence whilst keeping the above tips in mind your company will be able to grow, prosper, and inspire. Not only will you be able to generate more of an online presence and obtain more internet real estate, you will also grow your brand and its loyalty.

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